Annual reports

Annual Report 2019 (18.05.2020, pdf, 974kB) informs about the fulfillment of the Authority´s tasks, provides basic statistical overviews, provides a comparison of selected indicators with data from previous years and informs about the Authority´s plans for the next period.

Annual Report 2018 (24.05.2019, pdf, 3,48 MB)

Annual Report 2017 (24.05.2019, pdf, 641 kB)

Report on cybersecurity of the slovak republic in 2019 (21.10.2020, pdf, 4.20 MB) presents the Authority´s view of the state of cyber security in Slovak Republic. It uses data from the National Cyber Security Centre SK-CERT, as well as data obtained within the international exchange of information and cooperation with our domestic partners.

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