logo-NBU-EN The Authority’s logo is a part of the standard visual system of logotypes employed by government bodies in Slovakia and was created using the design provided by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, which the Authority implemented in 2016. The unification of logotypes is to express the legitimacy of government bodies and to represent the Slovak government in a broader context. The logo is a basic and simplifying element of official communication between the Authority and the external environment. The basic visual motif is the state emblem in the format defined by the Act on State Symbols. It is complemented by a unified visual system based on the usage of common typography and the tricolour graphic motif. Despite the fact that all systems have a unified character, they are used in several variations to define individual levels of state administration. The Authority, as a central government body, uses the individual elements in a vertical position. Typography is based on the History font family style created by Slovak designer Peter Biľak.

Znak Národného bezprčnostného úraduThe Authority’s emblem was created in 2001. While it was not designed following heraldic rules, the Heraldry Commission of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic was consulted during its creation. It is an industrial design registered in the trademark register maintained by the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic. Authority approval is required for its use by any other entities. It functions as a basic identifier of affiliation with the Authority and is used in all official and ceremonial events together with the flag, the Authority’s Class III to Class I medals, the Commemorative Medal of the Authority‘s Director and plaques.

The emblem has the shape of an equilateral triangle with rounded sides intended to evoke the shape of a shield symbolising the protection of values. The gold colour of the outline trim expresses the exceptional nature and uniqueness of the institution’s mission. The burgundy colour is a reference to life and vitality, not blood. Classified information is vital information that flows between government institutions and transfers knowledge. The information is an inseparable part of the government and the Authority is its protector. Emphasis on protection is expressed by the dog heads given that the dog is its traditional symbol. The dogs are holding Svatopluk‘s three intertwined rods, which reference tradition and the need to collaborate at the domestic and international level, given the fact we are all stronger and feel safer together. The use of the national coat of arms expresses the fact the Authority is a government body contributing to the protection of its sovereignty and primarily focusing on the protection of the interests of the country and its citizens. The final graphic element of the emblem is a linden tree leaf, which rounds out the triangular shape of its contents. It symbolises the Slavs and in a broader sense expresses affiliation to our country and also the fact that we are an indivisible part of the world at large.


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