Certification and Authorisation

The Authority issues certificates for mechanical barriers devices (MBD) and technical security equipment (TSE) to protect classified information and conducts certification of technical equipment.

The Authority issues consent with authorisation to government bodies or authorisation to entrepreneurs for the certification of technical equipment and conducts conformity verification of mechanical barriers and technical security equipment with respect to security standards for physical security and building security.

Certification of MBD and TSE is an activity that verifies and validates the compliance of their properties with the requirements of the safety standards of physical security and building security.

Mechanical barrier device is a device or system designed to prevent unauthorized access to the building (protected area). This includes in particular the safety storage units, locking systems and their components, doors and their components, bars, security foils, windows and glazing.

Technical security device is a device or system that informs about the status and possible disruption of the building (protected area). Including classified systems for access control to buildings, electronic systems used to demonstrate the identity and eligibility of persons, electric security systems, CCTV within the closed circuit television, emergency systems, equipment for detecting substances and articles and equipment for physical destruction of information carriers.

Verification of compliance of the properties of TSE and MBD and can be performed only by authorized person who will record his findings in the final report.

Technical device or system are designed for creating, processing, transmission, storage and protection of classified information. The Certification of the technical device means the verifying and certifying compliance of the technical equipments with safety requirements, by Decree No. 339/2004 Coll. on Security of Technical Deviceson the safety of technical equipment.

Certification of technical devices is done by the Authority, its authorized state institution or person authorized to certify technical means; It does not apply to the technical means used in the competence of the Police Force in connection with the fulfillment of tasks of operative-investigative activities of criminal intelligence, Slovak Intelligence Service and Military Intelligence, which certification is being conducted by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Intelligence Service and Military Intelligence.

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