Request for Visit

The Slovak Republic in the framework of international cooperation of with other countries or international organizations shall hold meetings, involving the negotiation of classified information (among other things, negotiation and implementation of classified contracts relating to the supply of material, etc.). The RfV institute is being used to ensure and enable such activities in accordance with the law on the protection of classified information, rules and regulations of the EU and NATO, and other international treaties and agreements.

The organization of visits in accordance by international treaties and agreements (in the assumption of negotiation of national classified information) proceeds according to the relevant international agreements.

Visits or meetings organized within the framework of NATO (assuming negotiation of NATO classified information) are organized as specified in Annex “G” NATO Security Policy C-M (2002) 49.

Visits within the EU (expected negotiation of EU classified information) are organized by Council Decision No. 2013/488 / EU and Regulation (EU, Euratom) No. 2015/444.

In carrying out state foreign affair visits the requirements of the inviting party (organizer) are being held as a priority. Usually, in the case of the ordinary, regular working visits (meetings of the working committees, subcommittees, groups, subgroups NATO or the EU) or to take part in training or exercises, NATO or EU organizer does not require to apply for a permit visits. In most cases it is sufficient to verify the validity of the certificate (certificate of security clearance of a natural person) assigned to the appropriate level of clearance given by the security agency and is performed by the designated security personnel.

Requirements for Setting up a Foreign Visit

A person who is organizing the visit must hold a valid certificate (certificate of security clearance of a natural person) to the appropriate level of security clearance. Security employee / department under which such a person is assigned to, completes and submits the request for visit to the competent security agency in the country. In the Slovak Republic it is the Authority.

Visits Abroad

Slovak entity whose representatives are planning to carry out a visit abroad will send to the Authority an official application for a visit (15.12.2016, rtf, 100 kB) through its security employee (department) no later than 30 days before the planned visit. The application form must be completed in accordance with this example (15.12.2016, pdf, 122 kB). It is always necessary to consult with the organizers / inviting party the precise procedure of the visit program.

Authority shall verify the information given in the application and after processing it forwards it to the competent security agency of the invited countries. The agency can allow or deny the visit. If the visit is granted, the agency shall inform the security staff (department) of the organizer of meetings / discussions, if it is rejected as a rule the Authority shall inform the organizer´s office.

Visit to Slovakia

Foreign entity whose representatives are planning to visit the Slovak Republic, will send through its security employee (department) application permit form for a visit to the competent security agency of their country in order to check the data included in the application. The agency will than send it to the Authority, which can approve or deny the visit. If the visit is granted, the Authority will inform directly the security personnel / service, event organizer. In case of refusal, the Authority shall inform the competent security agency that send the request.

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