The basic prerequisition for a foreign person to be ableto come to the contact with a classified information is a valid agreement on mutual protection of classified information between the Slovak Republic and the country to which the foreigner is a citizen of. Moreover, a written consent of the head of state security agency who has a jurisdiction over classified information and will provide the foreign person with the obligations under the law and guidance on the possible consequences for their violation.

To provide the foreign person with a classified security clearance level Restricted the competent state securityagency shall determine the extent of the clearance and will ensure the signing of a confidentiality clause.

To provide a foreigner with classified security clearance level Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, in addition to the above criteria, it is required to obtain a certificate issued by the Authority or to have a recognized security clearance carried out abroad by authorized security agency.

Certificate Issued by the Authority

If the foreigner has a permanent or temporary residence in the Slovak Republic, the Authority will conduct a security clearance screening at the request of a supervisor.

Recognition of a Security Investigation Conducted Abroad

If there are relevant international agreements governing the mutual recognition of security clearances the supervisor can request the recognition of security clearance of a foreigner which was carried out abroad. In this case, the head of the Authority shall submit an application for recognition of foreign security clearance screening and a copy of the document certifying the safe reliability of the person issued by the competent authority of the country of which the foreigner is a citizen.

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