Cybersecurity Single Information System


  • Methodologies, guidelines, standards, policies, announcements, and forms
  • Information and data necessary for using the Cybersecurity Single Information System
  • Alerts and warnings and other information for minimising, averting or remedying of the consequences of a cybersecurity incident

Cybersecurity Single Information System serves for effective management, coordination, evidence and inspection of state administration responsibilities for the area of cybersecurity and CSIRT units. The system is further dedicated for processing and evaluation of data and information on the status of cybersecurity and it serves in crises management planning in peace time. It also serves for state administration in crises situations except for war time and war status, as well as for necessary activities in war time or war status.

The access to the Single Information System is free and it consists of public and non-public part. Non-public part is directly accessible in electronic form in real time and in determined scope for authorities, competent bodies, accredited CSIRT units, operators of essential service and providers of digital service, National Bank of Slovakia, the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, or other public administration authority upon decision of the National Security Authority.   

Cybersecurity Single Information System comprises:

  • Communication system for the notification of cybersecurity incidents. The system ensures systematic collection, concentration, analysis and evaluation of information on cybersecurity incidents
  • Central system of an early warning. The system ensures early exchange of information on threads, cybersecurity incidents and risks concerned between the National security Authority and a subject with an access to non-public part of the Single Information System.

Subjects obliged, under the Act (Article 19 and 22), to provide the Authority with information, data and notifications through the Cybersecurity Single Information System shall provide it free of charge and without delay immediately they learned information establishing this obligation.

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