National CSIRT Unit


Since 2016, the National Security Authority, as the central state administration body for cybersecurity, has been building technical, personnel and organizational capacities in thecybersecurity area, solving cybersecurity incidents and security awareness building.

At the beginning 2018, the Authority started the operation of a specialized workplace which, after the adoption of the Cybersecurity Act on April 1, 2018, started to fulfill the tasks of the National CSIRT unit. 

On September 1, 2019, the unit was transformed into the National Cybersecurity Center SK-CERT. The SK-CERT does within the organizational structure of the Authority have the status of a separate unit. The Authority provides through SK-CERT services related to the management of security incidents, elimination of their consequences and subsequent recovery of information systems in cooperation with the owners and operators of these systems. The other SK-CERT activities include analytical activities, research, security awareness building and providing cybersecurity education.


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