Central European Platform for Cybersecurity

Central European Cybersecurity Platform (CECSP) was established in 2013 from the initiative of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Austria. It consists of the representatives of governmental, national and military CSIRT teams along with the representatives of national security authorities and national centres of cybersecurity from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. The Slovak Republic is represented it the platform by the National Security Authority.


The aim of the platform is the intensive cooperation of neighbouring countries in the area of cybersecurity, especially the exchange of information and sharing the know-how in cyber threats, as well as in potential and successful cyber-attacks.

Joint effort in cybersecurity measures innovations strengthen the states positions even in international environment. For ensuring the cybersecurity, it is necessary to find the consensus in facing new security challenges and jointly support it at the European level.

In 2017, the presidency in the platform was taken over by the Slovak Republic.

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