The European Union

Within the European Union (EU), the Authority has been cooperating intensively with EU Member States, institutions, bodies and agencies in the area of cyber security where it is actively involved in EU policy making regarding this area. Besides the official sessions in which the Office participates, it also fully supports EU projects that focus on awareness, especially within the cyber security area for example an annual October campaign – the European Month of Cyber Security.

The Authority is very active with the EU Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), which, in its position as a specialized cyber security agency in the EU, helps Member States to be better equipped and prepared to prevent, detect and solve cyber-security issues.

In the second half of 2016, the Slovak Republic historically first presided over the Council of the EU (SK-PRES). One of the most important tasks of SK PRES was to find a consensus among member states and push forward the extension of the Friends of Presidency on Cyber Issues (FoP). Emphasis was placed primarily on obtaining support for creating a new permanent group that would replace the temporarily functioning FoP format. This effort was completed by transformation into a permanent mandate group, and the Authority’s officers are now actively working in the Horizontal Working Party on Cyber Issues.

The second main priority of SK PRES in the group was related to efforts to push for the adoption of Council Conclusion on strengthening the resilience of Europe’s cyber system and promoting a competitive and innovative cyber security sector. The Council of Ministers of General Affairs approved the Council Conclusion in November 2016 and Slovakia had made another significant success on the EU soil.Other structure in which the Authority is being present is the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) where the Authority is a founding member.




The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

In the context of the development within the security environment and the recognition of cyberspace as NATO’s operational domain (Warsaw Summit 2016), cyber security issues are becoming more and more important to the interest of NATO bodies. The NSA Liason Officer to the Permanent Delegation of the Slovak Republic to NATO in Brussels (hereinafter referred to as SD SR at NATO) is regularly present at the cyber defense committee sessions and participated in the preparation of NATO strategic documents in this area.

The Authority is also a member the Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP), which allows informal exchange of information on cyber threats among 24 member countries.

As a national contact point, the Authority participated and continues to participate in the preparation, conduct and assessment of the defense exercise the NATO Cyber Coalition, which aims at verifying the participants’ procedural, technical and communication skills.

The Authority ´s active role in NATO has also been reflected in its participation in an NATO Multinational Cyber Defense Education and Training Project (NATO MN CD ET Project) in the academic area and learning activities that will be available at the Lisbon NCI Academy (NATO Navy Academy).



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