Organisational Structure


Administrative Bodies

The General Assembly consists of ECSO member with a right to vote and has powers in relation to the activities and steps of ECSO. The General Assembly is presided over by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Main powers of the General Assembly:

  • Election of the Chairperson and of members of the Board of Directors,
  • Approval of resigning/appointment/re-appointment of Board of Directors members and representatives of ECSO in the Partnership Board,
  • Approval of suspension and termination of membership in ECSO,
  • Approval of results from previous financial years,
  • Approval of financial statements for previous financial years,
  • Reading the annual report on activities.

The Board of Directors is the executive body of ECSO presided by the Chairperson elected by the General Assembly. Members of the Board of Directors are directors representing legal entities and state authorities from all classes of ECSO members and are elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors shall have all powers that are not explicitly reserved to the General Assembly by law and/or statutes.

Main powers of the Board of Directors:

  • Adopting ECSO regulations that are binding on the ECSO bodies and all its members,
  • Preparing strategic instructions, financial goals, and directives related to internal governance of ECSO,
  • Directing the work of the Coordination & Strategy Committee,
  • Preparing recommendations for the EC and for countries united in the ECSO in the cyber security industry policy,
  • Initiative in creating working groups and teams for the key areas of cyber security and directing their work,
  • Acceptance of new members.

Governance Support Bodies

The Coordination & Strategy Committee including the Scientific & Technology Committee does not adopt decisions; it prepares recommendations for approval by the Board of Directors in the fulfilment of operational and strategic tasks.

Main tasks of the committee:

  • Evaluation and discussion about the main direction, rules and new activities of ECSO in the field of European cyber security,
  • Evaluation and discussion about the proposals and strategies of working groups and teams,
  • Supervision of activities of working groups and teams,
  • Submission of proposals for approval to the General Assembly.

The Financial Committee is formed by members of the Board of Directors.

  • Responsibility for financial affairs of the ECSO,
  • Preparing recommendations in financial affairs that are decided by the Board of Directors,
  • Review of the status of drawing of the approved budget, financial condition of ECSO, and other financial and administrative affairs related to ECSO activities.

The National Public Authorities Representatives Committee (NAPAC) consists of:

  • The Governmental Advisory Group that submits proposals of activities, provides opinions and feedback to strategies, activities and results related to national interests and discusses ECSO activities and the support thereof at a political level,
  • The Research & Innovation (R&I) Group that fulfils tasks in the area of research and innovation and works closest with the WG6 working group.

The Committee participates mostly in discussions and activities of the working groups and supports the implementation of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

Main tasks of the committee:

  • Participation in discussions of working groups and teams in order to present the view of the government and operating needs of the public administration,
  • Assistance in the creation and implementation of SRIA and ECSO multi-year plans into the Research and Innovation Working Agenda,
  • Exchange of verified procedures and support of cyber security programmes and national/regional research,
  • Provision of opinions and recommendations to working groups in relation to policy and programmes important for the fulfilment of ECSO goals and provision of recommendations, strategies, measures, and activities at a national and political level.

Activities Support Bodies

Working Groups and Task Forces

The Secretariat performs everyday management of ECSO and is responsible for its operations. It is headed by the Secretary General.

Bodies outside ECSO organisational structure (not belonging to ECSO but linked to ECSO in activities)

  • The Partnership Board is a formal communication channel between the European Commission (the public signatory of the cPPP) and the ECSO in the discussions about the Horizon 2020 Working Programme in the area of cyber security and implementation of topics related to the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.
  • The European Cybersecurity Council is a high-level advisory group consisting of members of the European Commission, European Parliament, and representatives of member states.

A two-level decision process takes place in the public-private partnership.

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