Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was established in 1995 and includes 57 participating states of Europe, Asia and North America. The OSCE HQ is situated in Vienna.


The aim of the organisation is to support and develop democratic societies respecting human rights and basic freedoms, prevention of local conflicts, restoration of stability and peace in war zones, promotion of collective security, security of social justice and environmental protection.

The Authority is the contact point in the field of cybersecurity issues and using information and communication technologies on the ground of OSCE.  

Within this competency, the Authority participates in the meetings of Security Council Informal Working Group for cyber issues (IWG).

On June 17. and 18. 2019, a conference of OSCE was held in Bratislava dedicated to the issue of cyber security and security of information and communication systems Cyber/ICT Security for a safer future: The OSCE’s role in fostering regional cyber stability.

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