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Declaration of the provider (manufacturer) of the application for qualified electronic signature (QES) in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 is the form containing a basic overview of application features for qualified electronic signature/seal (QES). Using one or more QES applications, the public sector body has to fulfil every requirement marked in green in the form. Using a QES application, the public sector body has to fulfil at least one of the requirements marked in brown in any given chapter.

If the requirement in the ticked item is marked in red, the application is meant for closed systems and should not be used for public communication. Applications for public communication do not respect rules for a closed system. Not respecting rules for closed systems, which are unknown and unavailable publicly, can lead to misuse and fraudulent behaviour.

The form, after being filled in, is signed/sealed by the producer (manufacturer) of the application and can be updated and signed/sealed also by the certification body. Filled in form is published by the provider (manufacturer) of the QES application at their website and they can ask the Authority to publish it at its website, as well. If the Authority finds during the supervision proceeding in cooperation with the certification body discrepancies from the legislative requirements in the QES application, the Authority will publish these in an independent document, as the case may be with filled in form at its website.

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The form of notification of intention to provide qualified electronic service, of intention of its change or of intention of its termination is filled in by the provider of trust service that sends it to the Authority (supervision body). One form is to be filled in for one trust service. One trust service can consist of several services, e.g. certification authority (CA) service and OCSP service stored in separate records of the trusted list (TL). Trust services can be also stored in one trusted list record and vary in value in the TL extension e.g. for signature/seal.

The Authority on the basis of its consideration and performed changes in the trusted list, updates the form and signs or seals it and will send it to the trust service provider in the framework of its consideration.

Completed e-PDF form can be electronically signed or sealed in Adobe PDF application after its proper setting according to Picture1, Picture2 and Picture3.

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