List of Authorizations

A national legislation imposes an obligation on Authority to maintain and publish a List of Authorizations on its website. The Authority publishes a List of Authorizations on its website in the form of PDF file signed by the qualified electronic signature or sealed by the qualified electronic seal.

The Authority has published a new version of a List of Authorizations (SK, 21.10.2020, pdf, 2,58MB kB, seal p7s) because of the transparency, facilitation and generalization of already existing authorizations. A qualified trust service provider shall use solely a new version of a List of Authorizations, from the number OID, when issuing mandate certificates. A public service body and a local authority shall request the issuance of respective mandate certificates included in a new version of a List of Authorizations.  

Identification of the authorization for the machine processing is listed in the certificate extension in the component object identifier (OID) of the certificate policy certificatePolicies OID (, where the authorization number is added as the last digit (xyz) OID with a value of to identify the authorization.

For example, OID for authorization number 444 is and the textual description of the authorization can be found in the component notice of the certificate extension certificatePolicies (OID

Details on the content of the certificate items are defined in the Supervision Scheme in the Clause “SD čl. 28 ods. 3, čl. 38 ods. 3 a odôvodnenia 58 nariadenia (EÚ) č. 910/2014” and in EN version of Supervision Scheme “SS Articles 28(3), 38(3) and in recital 58 of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014”.

Original version of a List of Authorizations (07.12.2016, pdf, 762 kB)

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