Guardians 2020 focusing on current cybersec topics

Scientists and doctors are currently under constant, graduating pressure. World is waiting for its first, vital vaccine against COVID-19. Their work is obviously getting loads of unwanted attention among hackers. And this is what this year’s participants of Guardians 2020 IT competition stand against.

The 4th edition, symptomatically called Corona Edition, is hosted by Binary Confidence and National Cyber Security Center SK-CERT. Competing teams had the whole Cybersecurity Month for registering and dealing with new tasks in this simulated environment where the hackers are attacking a research lab.

Participants can practice their skills by reacting to incident in an artificially created enterprise network. The attacks were carefully prepared in collaboration with professional penetration testers based on real methods of APT groups. Past events were dedicated exclusively for student. This year’s competition is open for companies and general public. “Not only IT specialists but everybody interested in IT can try whether they could withstand a simulated hacker attack. They can also see how the attackers will manage their assault and what kind of damage are they going to cause,” says Ján Andraško, data specialists for IT systems security and co-founder of Binary Confidence.

Guardians 2020 has attracted around 150 teams so far, 40 of which are already actively competing and have sent more than 15 000 reaction to their tasks. Only one team was able to solve the main task.

You can find more on the official website.