European Cyber Security Month

October is the European Cyber Security Month during which a campaign is organized under the auspices of the European Commission, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and their partners in order to raise interest in cyber security within the European Union and to raise awareness in this area.

Awareness activities include conferences, national campaigns for raising security awareness, workshops and many other interesting activities. They are aimed not only at ordinary EU citizens but also at specific entities, such as IT experts, Cyber Security Authorities of respective Member States and educational institutions. Completed activities include improving the relations of citizens with professional organizations in public and private sector, spreading the cyber hygiene and sharing the “best-practice” approaches.

The main objectives of the European CyberSecMonth are the following:
• raise security awareness among a wide spectrum of addressees as defined in the EU Cyber Security Strategy,
• spread awareness about NIS Directive and its importance,
• promote rules of safer use of the Internet for all users,
• involve all important entities in raising security awareness,
• increase a media interest in raising security awareness across and outside Europe as well,
• enhance interest in cyber security topic through political and media coordination. 

The campaign of 2019 is aimed at two significant topics:  cyber hygiene and newly emerging technologies. The motto of the campaign is:  Cyber Security is a Shared Responsibility! 

The official website has been set up as a part of the European Cyber Security Month. There you can find information regarding the activities of respective Member States, ENISA Agency and the European Commission. The activities organized in the Slovak Republic can be found on the webpage:

The National Security Authority supports the European Cyber Security Month and through its National Cyber Security Centre SK-CERT is actively involved in several activities of the campaign.