Guardians Exercise 2019

The National Security Authority via the National Unit SK-CERT and the Binary Confidence Company Ltd. co-organize the third year of the Guardians competition for young IT specialists.

Prior to the upcoming elections of the head of the state, the competition will simulate attacks on the staff of candidates and will demonstrate how they can be avoided and what consequences such incidents may cause if protection against cybercriminals fails.   

Those eligible to participate in the final round could have registered for the qualification from November 2018 till 4 February 2019.

The qualification round was in the form of a  CTF (Capture The Flag). A total of 127 contestants were registered, of which 45 participated in the qualification round. 13 tasks were set from the beginner to intermediate difficulty level. Contestants could try the tasks ranging from reverse engineering, steganography, and forensic analysis to application exploiting.  

At the end of the qualification round, a jury composed of IT experts of the Binary Confidence Company and SK-CERT chose the ten best players to advance to the final round of the Guardians 2019 competition.

Participants of the Guardians final round, to be held on 15 March 2019, will be a part of the defence team. Before the upcoming presidential election, the team will simulate attacks on the staff of respective candidates. Two defence teams composed of the best contestants will try to prevent the attack on the fictitious electoral staff of presidential candidates. The main objective will be to prevent the data leakage from the so-called electoral staff, and to avoid the candidate discrediting, and thus affecting the election result. Each member of the team will have a specific role but mutual communication, interaction and collaboration will be equally important. The game in the form of the wargame will show how to prevent hacker attacks and what such incidents may cause if protection against cybercriminals fails. Attackers in the final round will be specialists from the Binary Confidence Company and SK-CERT.