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Russian FSB targeted energy companies also in Slovakia

The United States has accused three Russian FSB (Federal Security Service) officers and a Russian Defense Ministry researcher of their involvement in a series of attempts to infiltrate the systems of hundreds of companies.

Investigators believe the trio belongs to a special group called Military Unit 71330 (also known as Center 16, Energetic Bear and Crouching Yeti). From 2012 to 2017 it was behind a global campaign that included attacks on supply chains. The members of the special group tried to obtain access data to several secure operational systems.

Their activities were part of the FSB’s long-running campaign, which sought to infiltrate and control various systems in more than 380 foreign companies in 135 countries (including companies in Slovak Republic). These were mainly energy companies, ie various oil refineries, electricity distribution networks and systems, as well as nuclear power plants.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) worked together with several organizations with an aim to identify the extent of the compromise. They also focused on proposing a solution to the situation and continuously updated the recommended preventive measures.

The whole case has also marginally extended to Slovakia. The United States calls on all allies to pay attention to preparedness and increase resilience in the field of cyber security.

The National Security Authority has long warned against a number of cybersecurity risks in Central Europe. A few weeks ago, we issued a special warning concerning the state’s critical infrastructure.

The NSA will not provide further information on the case. More details can be found on the websites of FBI and the US Department of Justice.