The agreement with the USA got approved by the government of Slovakia

Today the Slovak government approved an agreement on security measures for the protection of classified information between Slovakia and the United States of America.

The intergovernmental agreement was initiated by the National Security Authority and presented to the government cabinet by Roman Konečný, the director of the NSA.

The aim of the agreement is to ensure mutual protection of all classified information.

It regulates the conditions under which it is possible to get acquainted with classified information and it also defines the requirements for its marking, handling and exchange.

The agreement specifies the cooperation of the relevant security authorities and the procedures in the event of a threat to classified information.

The agreement is the result of several years of efforts by both parties. The NSA has repeatedly called on the American side in this matter, and in 2020 the negotiations intensified.

The first contract in this area dates back to 1995, which means that it was created before the NSA and the current law on the protection of classified information were created.

Therefore, for more than two decades, the agreement contained inconsistencies in terminology and did not take into account legislation that has since entered into force.

The document is in line with our commitments to both the EU and NATO.