The date of the Workshop on the NIS Directive and on the protection of critical infrastructure is approaching

The National Security Authority (NSA), together with European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), is organising this European Workshop on the implementation of the NIS Directive and on the Protection of Critical Infrastructure. Altogether, this second event organised by both NSA and ENISA in this format is evidence of the excellent cooperation between these two institutions. It is an expression of their common interest in building good working cooperation with public sector, academic sphere and private companies.

The event will take place in Hotel Sorea Regia.

With regard to the existence of the common market, the EU realises the importance of securing cyberspace and in this regard the NIS Directive was issued. The Directive was required to be transformed into national legislation by all EU member states and, consequently, the creation of a common information system on cybersecurity is expected. The transformation of the Directive has not completed this process. The speakers intend to launch a substantive discussion based on their experience of the implementation of common rules into national legislation and its practical application from  organisational and technical perspectives.

The aim of this international event is to initiate constructive dialogue on needs of security specialists, public authorities and relevant sectors. More than a hundred registered participants from more than 15 countries will be able to enjoy interesting presentations by involved experts and open discussions. Topics will include national supervision of security requirements relating to the protection of critical infrastructure, cross border interconnection and dependencies, and aspects of CSIRT community cooperation.

The conference will be jointly opened on behalf of NSA by LTC Blažej Lippay, Director of NSA Office, on behalf of ENISA Agency by Dr. Evangelos, Director of Secure Infrastructures and Services Unit, and on behalf of Slovak private sector by Mr. Jan Adamovský, Chief Security Officer from Slovak Sporiteľňa.

The workshop will be divided during the whole day agenda into two single panels. Participants may prefer presentations they will be interested in. The topics of the two panels are National supervision and Incident response and Cross border issues.

Other speakers presented on the Workshop:

  • Massimo Rocca, Chairman, EE-ISAC Chair and Enel Security, European Energy, with presentation Challenges and the way forward to information sharing in the energy sector
  • COL Rastislav Janota, Chairman of the Cybersecurity Committee of the Security Council of the Slovak republic and Director SK-CERT, with presentation Supervision and incident notification: SK approach
  • Marnix Dekker, Expert in NIS, ENISA, with presentation ENISA’s incident reporting experiences
  • Athanasios Drougkas, Officer of NIS, ENISA, with presentation ENISA 2018 work on cross-sector and cross-border dependencies
  • Fernando J. Sánchez Gómez, Ministry of the Interior, Spain, Director of the National Centre for Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity, Secretary of State for Security, with presentation The NIS Directive transposition into Spanish legislation
  • Marianthi Theocharidou, Project Officer, EC Joint Research Center, with presentation GRAASP tool for mapping interdependencies
  • Otmar Lendl, Team Leader,, with presentation National and sectorial CSIRTs: implementation and cooperation models
  • Marián Trizuliak, Cyber Security Architect, ZSD, a.s., with presentation Cross-sector dependencies
  • Ulrich Latzenhofer, Expert in trust services and network security, RTR, with presentation National Risk Assessment in telcos
  • James Caffrey, Policy Officer, DG Connect, European Commission, with presentation Presentation of Connecting Europe Facility (CE) Telecom Call