NBÚ podpísalo memorandum o spolupráci v oblasti kybernetickej bezpečnosti

Together for secure Slovakia

The National Security Authority has signed a memorandum of cooperation with several top IT companies in Slovakia. As a guarantor of cyber security, the NSA also has in its long-term tasks the development of relations with the private sector in this area.

The plan is currently being accelerated and intensified by the security situation in Ukraine and the relentless threats in cyberspace, which for years are also present in Slovakia. The European Union is also currently calling for a coordinated approach involving all possible means, including commercial entities, and for more effective communication or exchange of information at Member State level.

Representatives of more than a dozen leading companies and organizations have signed a memorandum to more effectively perform tasks under the Cyber Security Act – ESET, Aliter Technologies, Disig, Lynx, Axenta, EMM, GAMO, Gordias, ALISON Slovakia, SOITRON and the Security and Defense Industry Association.

“I appreciate the quick response of said companies and their relentless interest in contributing their work to common security. Similar cooperation is not an exceptional phenomenon abroad. At the end of the day, mutual exchange of experiences, knowledge and expert observations can be a decisive element in the security of the state, organizations and citizens,” said Roman Konečný, director of the National Security Agency.

The NSA will cooperate with companies individually according to their focus or personnel and technical capacities in solving cyber security incidents. Thanks to this they will be able to share expert advice but also exchange information on vulnerabilities in information systems. They will also focus on forensic analysis.